What do I do if my mobile app won’t work?

Please make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the app. You can check this by viewing the app settings on your phone, or update your phone settings to Background app refresh, to make sure your phone automatically downloads the latest version once it is available.

When logging in please make sure you have input the correct email and password. If you cannot remember your password, reset it and a link to reset your password will be emailed to you. Check your junk email for this email if you do not immediately see it in your inbox.

If you have tried all of the above and are still having problems, then please send us an email to driverteam@deliveryapp.com with the following information:

  • Which phone you have and model e.g., iPhone X
  • If you have been able to log in or not
  • The app version (located at the bottom of the ‘Account’ section)
I’m not receiving job alerts, what can I do?

If you don’t seem to be receiving any job alerts:

  1. Check that your account has been activated (you should have received an email confirming this)
  2. Check that your Stripe Account is connected in the app
  3. Check that your location and notification settings are turned on

If you have completed all of the above, unfortunately it’s likely you may be in an area with no current jobs. This shouldn’t last too long; we’re working hard to grow our customer base throughout the UK.

Why can’t I see any jobs in the mobile app?

Only once you are fully activated and your Stripe Account is connected will you be able to see available jobs. You will receive an email confirmation to alert you to this.

If you are activated, then to see available jobs you will need to click on Search Jobs. If you still do not see any jobs, then please check your location preferences, and make sure your pick-up and drop-off radius is correct. Some areas have higher volumes of work than others, and we are working hard to increase the volume of available jobs across all areas of the UK.

How do I change location & notifications settings?

In order to use DeliveryApp you need to ensure that your device is set up correctly for Location and Notification settings. These settings are used so that customers are able to track the delivery from start to finish, but it also means that the app is able to record any waiting time at the collection or delivery points.

To ensure your Locations settings are set up correctly, follow the steps below for the device you have.

You must ensure DeliveryApp is open in the background for our system to notify you based on your current location.

Android Icon
Android OS

Location Settings

To configure the locations settings on your Android device, head into your devices settings and select DeliveryApp.

  1. Within the ‘App info’ section, select ‘Permissions’ (1st image).
  2. Next, in the ‘App permissions’ settings, select ‘Location’ (2nd image).
  3. Finally, under the ‘Location access for this app’ heading select ‘Allow all the time’ and also ensure that ‘Use precise location’ is turned on.
Location Settings

Notifications Settings

You must also ensure to have ‘Notifications’ switched on in order to be notified when there’s an available job in your area. In order to do this, you should:

  1. Head into ‘Settings’ and ‘Notifications’
  2. Select ‘DeliveryApp’ from the list of applications
  3. Click to allow ‘All DeliveryApp’ notifications
Notification Settings
Apple Icon
Apple iOS

Location Settings

To configure the locations settings on your Apple device, head into your devices settings and select DeliveryApp.

  1. Head into ‘Settings’
  2. Select ‘DeliveryApp’ from the list of applications
  3. Click on ‘Location’
  4. Under the header ‘Allow Location Access’ select ‘Always’, and also turn on ‘Precise Location’
Location Settings

Notifications Settings

To ensure that you’re receiving notifications of available jobs in your area, you’ll need to turn on ‘Notifications’ for DeliveryApp. To do this, simply:

  1. Head to ‘Settings’
  2. Select ‘DeliveryApp’ from the list of applications
  3. Toggle the switch to turn on ‘Background App Refresh’
  4. Select ‘Notifications’ from the options
  5. Toggle the switch to ‘Allow Notifications’ and turn on all ‘Alerts’
Notification Settings
How do I change my delivery radius preferences?

Setting the radius settings in app will enable you to see any available jobs within a certain distance of your current position. By setting this, you’ll be able to find work in your local area, but you’ll also be able to find backloads around the delivery location too. To configure your radius settings, simply:

  1. Log in to DeliveryApp
  2. Click ‘Account’
  3. Select ‘My Locations Preferences’
  4. Input your desired ‘Pick Up Radius’ and ‘Delivery Radius’ in miles (the bigger the radius, the more job notifications you’ll receive)
  5. Click ‘Save Preferences’ button

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